Saturday, January 14, 2012

Encaustic Transfer, Laurel and Michael

Laurel and Michael 2012, 
Encaustic Transfer
5 x 7
Encaustic Workshop

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Dee Doyle said...

JOn, I enjoyed your youtube videos. Very well done. I believe you said that you didn't use laser prints. I wasn't too clear that you used an ink jet printer. Did you? And then, your first wax on your 3/4" ply ... was that your medium? Did you use fluid acrylics to "stain" that board?

I am new to encaustics, and am absorbing what I can from you tube videos like yours. It seems that if I were to continue with encaustics, I need to figure out how to be more cost effective in terms of materials, etc.

Thanks for any info you care to share.